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But the days stole on, and no vessel appeared. Each day they eagerly scanned the watery horizon; each day they longed to behold the bowsprit of the returning Ladybird glide past the jutting rock that shut out the view of the harbour — but in vain. Mrs. Vickers’s illness increased, and the stock of provisions began to run short. Dawes talked of putting himself and Frere on half allowance. It was evident that, unless succour came in a few days, they must starve.

I cannot enter your house again, sir,” said North, in tones more agitated than the occasion would seem to warrant.

You should go to London, Poppet,” said Maurice, that’s the place. Isn’t it, sir?”

He’s been an’ blued it,” squealed someone. Been an’ blued it to buy a Sunday veskit with! Oh, ain’t he a vicked young man?” And the speaker hid his head under the blankets, in humorous affectation of modesty.

I seem to fear him, as if I knew some story about him, and yet didn’t know it.”

Curse it!” says Frere, What’s the matter with you? Oh, you, is it?— Dawes! Of course, Dawes. I never expected anything better from such a skulking hound. Come, this sort of nonsense won’t do with me. It isn’t as nice as lolloping about the hatchways, I dare say, but you’ll have to go on, my fine fellow.”

Not many months before, one of the companions of the chain, suffering under Burgess’s tender mercies, had killed his mate when at work with him, and, carrying the body on his back to the nearest gang, had surrendered himself — going to his death thanking God he had at last found a way of escape from his miseries, which no one would envy him — save his comrades. The heart of Dawes had been filled with horror at a deed so bloody, and he had, with others, commented on the cowardice of the man that would thus shirk the responsibility of that state of life in which it had pleased man and the devil to place him. Now he understood how and why the crime had been committed, and felt only pity. Lying awake with back that burned beneath its lotioned rags, when lights were low, in the breathful silence of the hospital, he registered in his heart a terrible oath that he would die ere he would again be made such hideous sport for his enemies. In this frame of mind, with such shreds of honour and worth as had formerly clung to him blown away in the whirlwind of his passion, he bethought him of the strange man who had deigned to clasp his hand and call him brother”. He had wept no unmanly tears at this sudden flow of tenderness in one whom he had thought as callous as the rest. He had been touched with wondrous sympathy at the confession of weakness made to him, in a moment when his own weakness had overcome him to his shame. Soothed by the brief rest that his fortnight of hospital seclusion had afforded him, he had begun, in a languid and speculative way, to turn his thoughts to religion. He had read of martyrs who had borne agonies unspeakable, upheld by their confidence in Heaven and God. In his old wild youth he had scoffed at prayers and priests; in the hate to his kind that had grown upon him with his later years he had despised a creed that told men to love one another. God is love, my brethren,” said the chaplain on Sundays, and all the week the thongs of the overseer cracked, and the cat hissed and swung. Of what practical value was a piety that preached but did not practise? It was admirable for the religious instructor” to tell a prisoner that he must not give way to evil passions, but must bear his punishment with meekness. It was only right that he should advise him to put his trust in God”. But as a hardened prisoner, convicted of getting drunk in an unlicensed house of entertainment, had said, God’s terrible far from Port Arthur.”

Ask Maurice,” said her father, smiling.


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